Four times a year kadó cordially invites you to a licorice tasting, an evening where we offer our customers the possibility to experience a closer look at the diverse flavours of licorice.

Starting off with licorice root and pure licorice, we present the licorice preferences of Europe. We continue with the origin of licorice and how it was used at the beginning, depending on the respective worldview in the different epochs of time. We explain how licorice is made and investigate why the preferred tastes from sweet to salty differentiates in Europe.

Through a tasty variety of small hearty recipes to a sweet dessert, we guide and hope to inspire you in the use of the pure licorice powder, a fine product which can bring your cooking to a new surprisingly and culinary experience.

Last tasting we served:

• Millet-licorice-arancini on lemon-cabbage

• Salmon with licorice salt and blanched chard
• Licorice panacotta on a raspberry mirror

As a round off of the evening we serve an aromatic licorice grappa or liquor.

Lecture (held in german) and tasting lasts for about 90 minutes and costs 35 € per person, we kindly ask for prepayment.


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Guest Book

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Lecture with tasting
on 17th and 18th November 2019
(fully booked)

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