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Whether you want to surprise yourself or your loved ones, kadó offers a wide range of possibilities. Our kadó-Box contains the full spectra of liquorice: the basic ingredient liquorice root, the pure black liquorice from Amarelli (manufacting since 1731) and a big kadó-Mix on the theme of liquorice diversity. Happy tasting! For practical reasons, we preferably prepare the bonbon glass jars for you in our shop. If you have planned a surprise gift we highly recommend our kadó-Tin containing a Scandinavian- or kado-Mix to be sent by post. For the real liquorice lovers out there we can finally offer a one-year subscription of liquorice. During a year, once a month, you will receive a mix with fresh and tasty liquorice originating from countries like Iceland and Sicily. Always something new, black and delicious. Spot on for true fans!
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Salmiak-Toffee, frisch & handgemacht

Salmiak-Toffee, frisch & handgemacht, 30 g

Delicious liquorice fudge, fresh hand made in Sweden
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Lecture with tasting
on 8.11. and 9.11.2020


Die wunderbare Hazel-Lakritzmischung
-mehr dazu in Über uns-


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