The typical flavours in the Romanesque mix come from the southern part of Europe. The main part of the liquorice from Italy, France and Spain is manufactured on small family farms that produce traditional liquorice by their own house recipes. With help from nature’s own gum arabic it is possible to soften the otherwise bonbon hard natural liquorice, which gives it that characterizing firm texture. Natural aromas such as mint, citrus, violet and anise are added and are chosen from the local environment. The Romanesque liquorice is a real sweet tart treat to those who appreciate and value the original flavour.
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Viola, Schachtel

Viola, Schachtel, 100 g

Sweet bitter liquorice with natural flavour of viola, italian
With natural colouring agent
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Lecture with tasting
on 8.11. and 9.11.2020


Die wunderbare Hazel-Lakritzmischung
-mehr dazu in Über uns-


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