Lakritzbuch „Schwarze Leidenschaft“

Lakritzbuch „Schwarze Leidenschaft“

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There should be a little booklet, where one could find answers to the questions that comes up in our daily contact with licorice and that our customers ask us. That is how it all started ... We traveled around Europe, interviewed licorice experts, rummaged through libraries. After a while a publishing company showed interest and brought their knowhow to the project. And now, there is a little book about the passion for licorice, something we all share here at kado. Author: Klaus-D. Kreische Photo: Dirk Soboll, Ilse Böge Recipes: Maike Koch, Ilse Böge
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Lecture with tasting
on 8.11. and 9.11.2020


Die wunderbare Hazel-Lakritzmischung
-mehr dazu in Über uns-


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